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Danny Higginbotham believes this Chelsea star will leave this summer


According to Danny Higginbotham who played for Manchester United back in the day, truly believes Diego Costa is going to leave Chelsea Football Club this summer.

See what you have here is the mainstream media rolling out more ‘pundits’ to add to their failing fake news echo chamber.

I’ve been saying it for quite a while now that these clowns in the mainstream media are simply lying.

Proof? easy, all you have to do is google “Antonio conte debunks dot dot dot’.

And you will find that ALL the lies the mainstream media has told Conte has responded to.

I’ve written up MANY articles debunking the failstream media simply by listening to the players and watching Antonio Conte’s press confrerences or interviews.

They are all on this site right here, so when the transfer window is over I hop these pundits and the mainstream media look back on what I’ve wrote.

Maybe they will learn something.

But, let’s move onto Mr Higginbotham who was an average player at best in his day.

When asked if he thinks Costa will leave Chelsea, Higginbotham said on Sky Sports News: “I think so.

“I would be very surprised if he was at Chelsea at the start of next season.

“From Chelsea’s point of view, before they let him go they will have to get someone in.

“He will be very difficult to replace.

“There’s no doubt about it he’s been a fantastic player for Chelsea once again this season.

“There was a lot of talk in January and more talk now with one of the main clubs in China.”



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