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Danny Rose Laments About Playing At Wembley

Danny Rose Urges Tottenham Hotspur To Back Mauricio Pochettino In Summer

Danny Rose has said that it does not feel good anymore to play at Wembley.

Tottenham Hotspur have been playing their home games at Wembley since their new stadium is under construction at White Hart Lane.

Tottenham left-back Danny Rose has said that the home fans don’t like travelling to the Wembley anymore in order to see Spurs play and it was evident from the attendance of the home fans at the home match against Southampton. The number counted to something over 33,000, which is reportedly the lowest attendance by the Tottenham fans in any match after their home venue was shifted to Wembley.

The England international said, “It’s just not nice anymore. It’s lost its…I don’t feel it’s an honour to play at Wembley.

Rose also said that he is excited to be at the new stadium, which might just be around the corner. He said, “We’re all itching to get in the new stadium and hopefully it’s not too much longer.” The player also added, “The atmosphere is a bit flat. I obviously sympathise with the fans, travelling further to come to Wembley but it’s the lowest attendance since we’ve been at Wembley. That speaks volumes.”

Tottenham won their last match against the Saints and are currently placed in the 3rd position in the league table, leapfrogging London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal. They came back well after their loss against Arsenal that pushed them down to the fifth place and won their fixture against Southampton to get back into the top four.

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