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Alderweireld reveals contract extension secret

Alderweireld reveals contract extension secret

Tottenham Hotspur star Toby Alderweireld has revealed why he signed a contract extension at the North London club.

“Financially the club made a good effort that showed me they really wanted me so that gave me respect,” Alderweireld said, quoted by The Telegraph. “I could maybe earn a lot more somewhere else, but then I chose loyalty, that’s worth something as well.

“I talked to my wife, we have a second kid on the way. First of all, I asked her: ‘What do you want?’ She said she’s happy to stay, she loves it here, but that I can choose whatever I want. That gave me the opportunity to explore everything that I wanted.

“But the more that I thought about a new episode somewhere else, the more I thought, ‘no, I just want to stay.’ I’ve always been happy here since day one. I’ve felt very wanted here and have a very good connection with the fans.

“Then, of course, the last step was the manager (José Mourinho), who really believed in me. I had a good connection with him from day one. So all those small steps took me into the big decision to stay.”

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