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Dier reveals what Mourinho has done with Tottenham

Dier reveals what Mourinho has done with Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur look like a different animal this season and Eric Dier has revealed what Jose has done to achieve that!

He said: “It’s very early on but our motivation is clear. For us, we’re going into every game to try and win. We know that’s not possible but that’s our ambition. We’re going into every game, no matter the competition believing we can win.

“That’s a great feeling and it’s a great feeling to have. That’s the objective and the manager sets that tone from above. It’s very early on but we’re focusing game by game and trying to win every game we play.

“The work with the manager has been great because you know where you stand every game and he wants to win it and the focus is completely on that. That’s his focus, no matter what the competition is. That’s always his focus and our focus.

“It’s been very difficult for everyone and the circumstances around it. The short pre-season, people starting at different times but i think things will gradually will come back to normal again.

“We’re happy with where we are, we could be happier. As you said, if you look at some games – the Newcastle game with the penalty, again, very difficult to understand!

“The Everton game wasn’t acceptable and then the West Ham game: the same, really frustrating to be 3-0 up and it was really important for us to get off the mark at home, get the win and obviously we’ve improved massively away from home which was really our downfall last season.

“It’s great to be up and running with a win at home and we’ll just look to keep working hard, keep pushing forward.”

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