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Pep proud of City

Pep proud of City

After Manchester City’s qualification, Pep Guardiola has said that he is proud of City.

“It’s seven years we have qualified for the knockout stages and it means a lot,” said Guardiola.

“The competition in February will be completely different and tougher.

“But I’m delighted to be in the next round. We qualify and we played well in the second half. The second half was better than the first. We conceded only a few counter attacks.

“Tottenham have gone through again and maybe in the next draw all the four English sides will be there

“I’ve played against Shakhtar Donetsk many times and they always have quality players. In general, we created chances but the draw was enough in the end.

“Now we have one competition already done, and now our focus will be the Premier League, until we arrive in the cups. The target was to qualify and we have done it.”.”

“Of course, I will take a look in the Premier League and we will take enough players to Zagreb,” Guardiola insisted.

“It is the Champions League and it is prestigious.

“I remember last season we were already qualified against Shakhtar and we are going to travel to Zagreb with the intention to win.

“You need a sense of a real urgency to take the result and win the game, We have to do it.”

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