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Chelsea exit was ‘happiest day of my life’


Edward Nketiah was snapped up by Arsenal two days after being released from the Blues.

The 16-year-old failed to earn himself a scholarship for the season at Stamford Bridge and was released.

Chelsea initially snapped up the striker when he was playing for his local Sunday league side Hillyfielders.

The Arsenal fan described the day he heard that his club were interested in signing him as ‘one of the happiest days I can remember’.

Bouncing Back

He told the Gunners’ official website: “It wasn’t only because I’ve always been an Arsenal fan but two days earlier I was told that I would be released by Chelsea and not given a scholarship for the season.”

“I was so down, but then Arsenal found out I was available, contacted my family and invited me to train.”

“Within a week I was told I would be offered a scholarship. I think it is important to bounce back quickly from disappointment and Arsenal gave me the chance to do that.”

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