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Football Teams With The Most Premier League Titles


Football Clubs With The Most Premier League Titles

Which are the Football Teams With The Most Premier League Titles ? The English Premier League is no doubt a top flight league, the Premier League is among the top five most popular European leagues. if not the best. So we have decided to list only the clubs that have ever won the English League since it’s inaugural season in back 1992/93. The premier league is very well known for being the most competitive of the European Leagues that presents four top clubs ( the top four best clubs at the end of the season ) to the UEFA Champions League.

In the 1992/93 season when it was officially renamed as the Premier League ,23 trophies were given out to clubs after the End of last season that saw Chelsea Football Club claim their fifth domestic league title, their fourth Premier League title. We have also seen Manchester United dominate the league for the past ten years but how many trophies has it won? you will find out in the list below.

Premier League Clubs With Most Premiership Titles

Way back we ran down the Top 10 Clubs with Most Europa League TrophiesTop 10 Teams That Have Won The Most Champions League Titles and Top 10 Teams That Have Never Won The Champions League for a good follow up about the Premier League. Manchester United, Chelsea F.C, Arsenal Football Club, Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers are the only clubs that have won at least one title among the 23 trophies , however, we are about to find out how many titles each club won in our list of the Football Teams With The Most Premier League Titles.

5. Blackburn Rovers – 1 Premier League Title

Blackburn Rovers is one of the teams with most Premier League titles

Starting the rundown of the Football Teams With Most Premier League Titles is Blackburn Rovers, The Rovers were the 1994/95 premier league season champions. They won the league on just a one point margin above Manchester United who had finished the league with 88 points and Rovers won the title with 89 points in 42 league games. Footballers like Alan Shearer, the Top Premier League Top Scorer of All Time and the Player with Most Premier League Hattricks and also Henning Berg, one of the players to have won the Premier League with two different clubs, Tim Sherwood and many more were also playing for Blackburn at the time.

It was that season that also saw Alan Shearer take the Premier League Golden Boot and the PFA Players’ Player of the Year awards with his club, Blackburn Rovers manager Kenny Dalglish winning the Premier League Manager of the Season award. 


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