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Sterling apologizes after Joe Gomez incident

Sterling apologizes after Joe Gomez incident

Raheem Sterling has been dropped from the English squad after a training ground bust up with national team mate Joe Gomez.

The duo were involved in an altercation on Sunday when Liverpool hosted Manchester City. The incident triggered on further when they were training foe England in the national camp on Monday with Sterling choking Gomez.

The talented wide man has had time to reflect and came out with the following message.

“First and foremost everyone knows what that game means to me!” he wrote.

“Everyone knows that I am not that way inclined and more to the point … both Joe and I have had words and figured things out and moved on.

“We are in a sport where emotions run high and I am man enough to admit when emotions got the better of me.

“We move [sic] this is why we play this sport because of our love for it – me and @joegomez5 are good we both understand it was a 5-10 second thing it’s done we move forward and not make this bigger than it is.

“Let’s get focus [sic] on our game on Thursday.”

Sterling remains vital to not only England but also to Manchester City.

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