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PSG manager Luis Enrique came to defense for Mbappe and Dembele

PSG manager Luis Enrique came to defense for Mbappe and Dembele

Luis Enrique talked about both ahead of PSG’s contest against Stade Rennais.

PSG’s poor run of form made questions on the PSG manager Luis Enrique. His side is winless in their last two matches, including a pathetic 4-1 loss to Newcastle United in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.

Paris Saint-Germain is currently placed fifth in Ligue 1. Their two players are getting plenty of criticism. Summer signing Ousmane Dembélé and PSG’s star player Kylian Mbappé are on the radar.

PSG manager Luis Enrique came to both players’ defense while talking with reporters ahead of PSG’s contest against Stade Rennais on Sunday.

Enrique first talked about Mbappe, who looked down in the last three matches and is also dealing with an ankle injury he suffered against Marseille.

“I remember two weeks ago, or three, someone asked me, ‘Do you have Kylian addiction,’” Enrique told reporters (h/t Paris Fans).

He also added, “He had scored seven or eight goals, and the rest didn’t score. And now you’re asking me what he should do because he hasn’t scored in the last few games. We need to be a little more normal. He’s 100 percent. Throughout the season, the players go through different states.

“He’s not Superman when he scores eight goals, and he’s not a normal player when he doesn’t score. We need a little more normality. Everything is not black or white. There are nuances, and it is in the same process as always. It’s vital for us, and my objective as a coach is to maximize his strengths and not see his faults.”

Enrique then talked about Dembele after the Frenchman also came under fire for his production in the first handful of matches with PSG. “This data is not exact,” Enrique said.

“Don’t you remember the decisive pass to Gonçalo Ramos against Marseille? Doesn’t that count? The problem you journalists have in any country is that your interest is focused on either a very positive or a very negative scenario.

“Not everything is black and white. There are areas of gray. Dembélé is a top player in almost everything he does. I am very happy with his performances. And as the season goes on, he will improve, I have no doubt.”

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