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Verratti – It was tough, what happened last night

Verratti - It was tough, what happened last night

The game of football is a beatiful one.

Players teach us how to fight but also how to respect everyone regardless of their differences. A line was certainly broken last night when PSG met Istanbul as an alleged incident of racism broke out.

The 4th official had reportedly used a racist remark to point towards a particular individual from the Istanbul match and hell broke loose, as it should.

We are in 2020 and an incident of such nature should never be let go off without consequences. Kudos to PSG and Istanbul players for showing the fraternity in the game by coming together and walking off the pitch.

It was a tough choice and Verratti has now revealed how it all went down for them.

He said, “It was hard for everyone, for us the players but also for those who are watching the match. Something like this must not happen. We, we are followed by millions of people and we have to be examples.

We made a pretty strong gesture in deciding not to play, alongside the other team. The 4th official must be punished to make an example to everyone and for him to change. The most intelligent thing was to stop.

We will try to be examples even more so in the future. He made a mistake, he must be punished, no matter what. It is a personal question for everyone, some players were more affected than others.

There were not the conditions required to finish the match yesterday. Now, we are happy to have won and we will move forward. We have come quite far, we had finals against Leipzig and Manchester United. I listened to the critics, it was not easy.”

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