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Thuram slams Bonucci for racism comments

Thuram slams Bonucci for racism comments

Lilian Thuram has slammed Leonardo Bonucci for his callous comments against Kean on racism and wants to stamp out the problem of racism once and for all from football and social lives.

Speaking to Le Parisien, the World Cup winner said: “When you think about it, Kean’s own team-mate says he deserves these cries of monkey, and that the fans can continue! Bonucci’s reaction is as violent as the monkey chants. Bonucci is not stupid. Bonucci’s comments are just shameful. We must agree on racism.”

Thuram also believes it is high time something drastic is done to stop this nonsense.

Did the referee stop the match? Has anything been done? We are in full hypocrisy,” he added. “This has been going on for years. Everyone says we’ll stop the game next time and it does not happen.  The observation is that the football authorities do not care. If it really disturbed them, the match would have been stopped, believe me. The teams would have left the field and we would have found a solution.”

“You must not fool yourself,” he said. “This is more visible in the Italian stadiums, but the underlying problem of racism is not limited to stadiums or Italy alone. [Raheem] Sterling has encountered problems elsewhere than in Italy, right?”

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