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Real Madrid sign Jovic!

Real Madrid sign Jovic!

The summer of dreams is here for Real Madrid. After winning three Champions Leagues on the trot last summer, the club was left heartbroken with the double departure of club legends Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

And the impact was clear and evident. The Galacticos not only failed to defend their European title even half decently but also failed miserably in the league and the domestic cup competitions. Key players have been benched and managers have been changed thrice. However, a redemption arc is on the horizon after Perez swallowed his pride and turned to Zidane and brought him back as manager.

This led to intense speculations and endless reports that for Real, the summer would mean a shopping spree. The squad needs work and corrections and as they have always done, the Galacticos like to go big in the market.

One deal that is floating on the horizon is the arrival of Eden Hazard and now reports are claiming that before that, Real have already signed Luke Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt.

The 21 year old striker is a hot property in Europe and Real have paid a hefty fee to secure his signature. Who’s next on the list?

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