Conte proud of his Inter team

Conte proud of his Inter team

Antonio Conte is one of the hardest working coaches in the game.

Look at his Chelsea, Juventus team – they were never outrun. They knew what it meant to be physical and intense and still got stick from the coach for not doing enough.

However, in one of his rare interviews Conte has actually praised his players for being more serious than him.

The Inter coach who is in the Serie A title race has now praised the boys.

“It is never easy, even if we came into the match off the back of a good result in the first leg. We found ourselves behind but there was a good reaction from us to put things back in place. I am happy that we managed to get through to the next round,” he explained in an interview with Inter’s official club broadcaster Inter TV.

“I have to say, honestly, that I have the opportunity to work with a group of very serious and professional guys. They don’t need to have any extra stimulation. They know very well that when you wear a prestigious shirt like that of Inter, you have to honour it.”

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