Tottenham closing in on Lemar?

Tottenham closing in on Lemar

Latest reports are confirming that Thomas Lemar  maybe on the move to Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham are all are set up to take Lemar on loan until the finish of the season with a choice to get him by and large in June for 60 million euros.

The loan arrangement would cost Spurs around 6 million euros. Lemar has been connected to Tottenham and Arsenal in ongoing week however now the budgetary subtleties of the activity are turning out to be more clear.

Lemar’s move to Atletico Madrid from AS Monaco came back in the summer of 2017 when players from the French club were playing really well and had been chased by clubs from all over Europe. It was Madrid who ended up with Lemar but the move did not work out well for Simeone or the winger.

Lemar’s style of play, which depends heavily on having the football is very different from Simeone’s style of football. At Atletico it is mostly about hard and fast defending and breaking on the counter.

As for Tottenham, new boss Jose Mourinho knows he has little money to spare now and hence is looking to make the most of these loan deals.

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