Bale-Zidane situation worsens before season starts!

Bale-Zidane situation worsens before season starts!

Zinedine Zidane has said that Real Madrid have not changed their stance on Gareth Bale despite the player coming on in the second half against Arsenal and scoring a goal to initiate a comeback.

“He has played a good game and I am happy for him. As for everyone. He is with us and we will continue working. We play well 10 against 11 and better 10 against 10. I don’t know what will happen. He wanted to play and the other day no. I haven’t talked to him. He has trained normally and that’s why he played. Nothing has changed, you know what the situation is like.”

In the last press conference, Zidane was asked about the topic many times and tried to be clear: “I have no disrespect for anybody, and of course not a player. I will always be with them. The club is dealing with his exit. He didn’t get changed, because he didn’t want to. He is a Real Madrid player, nothing has changed, and he is going to train normally”, Zizou replied.

The Bale-Zidane situation has really worsened over the last few days but what is surprising is to see our composed Zizou get so crude while talking about footballers. Managerial jobs do change people!

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