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Neymar not wanted back

Neymar not wanted back

Neymar’s return to Barcelona will surely not be popular. One more man who has refused to be happy about it is La Liga president Javier Tebas.

“I prefer that Neymar does not return to Barca,” he told Onda Cero.

“We always want to bring great players, but in the case of Neymar that behaviour is not good for the competition because in the end the news is if the player has done this or that.

“We have worked a lot in LaLiga to maintain the values and we don’t want to change the image.”

“He can be a great player, but the behaviour is very important in the values we transmit in the competition,” he said.

“If outside the field the example is not correct, I prefer that he doesn’t return to LaLiga because he is not a good example.”

It is well known that Neymar wants a return to Barcelona given how his PSG career has gone. The Brazilian made a record move upsetting everyone not only in Barcelona but also in Spain. Hence it is no secret that no one wants him back in Spain. However, if the move does go through, some fans in Barcelona will surely rejoice.


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