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Ex-Liverpool star Mamadou Sakho in physical altercation with Montpellier coach


Montpellier manager Michel Der Zakarian and Mamadou Sakho clash in heated confrontation

Former Liverpool center-back Mamadou Sakho reportedly got involved in a violent argument with his manager, Michel Der Zakarian, in an unexpected course of events at Montpellier. The incident happened during a training session at the Grammont center, and spectators were taken aback.

Sakho, who has only played six minutes of Ligue 1 football this season, was allegedly furious after his plea for a foul went unanswered. To express his displeasure, the 33-year-old defender rushed off the field, igniting a violent argument with Der Zakarian.

According to the French newspaper L’Équipe, the manager warned Sakho as he walked away from the training ground, saying that it was not the player’s responsibility to decide on his training program. In response, Sakho fiercely defended his actions, arguing that despite his lack of playing experience, he had maintained a quiet presence within the squad.

Tensions escalated when Der Zakarian allegedly used abusive words to refer to Sakho as a “cry-baby,” escalating the conflict. When Sakho allegedly grabbed his manager by the collar, resulting him to fall to the ground and wrongly shatter a family treasure necklace, the situation exploded.

As the story erupted, Der Zakarian remained silent, making no comments about the situation. With Sakho’s contract at Montpellier expiring soon, this brawl could be the final straw, leading to his removal for significant misbehavior.

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