FIFA’s new transfer rule that will cripple PL clubs!

FIFA's new transfer rule that will cripple PL clubs!

FIFA has a new rule that will clash extensively with the Premier League clubs!

The transfer window this summer is expected to be extremely complicated with timelines varying. It has now been made officially complicated by FIFA.

In a media release, FIFA said: “In order to give priority to clubs to complete their (2019/20) season with their original squad, provide flexibility, and allow MAs [member associations] to properly plan their football calendar, those associations following a dual-year calendar are permitted to commence the “first registration period” for the 2020/21 season prior to the completion of the 2019/20 season, subject to certain conditions.’

This does not sit well for the Premier League clubs since their season is the last to kick off and not finish well before the end of July.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters stated categorically that, ‘The transfer window will open after the end of the season, it’s just a question of how long it goes on for’.

This does put a number of English clubs in jeopardy who want to sign new players, sell some deadwood and make swap deals happen. If the Premier League clubs get less time to operate in comparison with German, Spanish, and French clubs, their teams will suffer over the course of the next season and the future beyond that!

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