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Premier League Fixtures 2020 & Rescheduled Dates: Date, Time, Kick-off for Premier League Calendar

Premier League Fixtures 2020 & Rescheduled Dates: Date, Time, Kick-off for Premier League Calendar

Premier League Fixtures 2020 & Rescheduled Dates: Date, Time, Kick-off for Premier League Calendar!

Premier League Fixtures 2020 & Rescheduled Dates are here! What are the dates? When is the kick-off? What time can we catch them on TV? When is Chelsea vs Manchester United? Will City get a chance for revenge against Liverpool? Who will make it into the top four? Get to know all that and more!

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Premier League Rescheduled Dates: Premier League Fixtures 2020!

The Premier League is back! After a three-month hiatus due to the spread of the pandemic of the COVID-19, the games are now back. After taking permission from the English government, Premier League has announced that first division football will be returning to England from 19 June 2020.

Premier League Fixtures

Premier League Rescheduled Dates Statement: Premier League Fixtures 2020

Following the conclusion of last week’s meeting, the English prime minister released the following statement:

“Today we have provisionally agreed to resume the Premier League on Wednesday 17 June.”

“But this date cannot be confirmed until we have met all the safety requirements needed, as the health and welfare of all participants and supporters is our priority.”

“Sadly, matches will have to take place without fans in stadiums, so we are pleased to have come up with a positive solution for supporters to be able to watch all the remaining 92 matches.”

“The Premier League and our clubs are proud to have incredibly passionate and loyal supporters. It is important to ensure as many people as possible can watch the matches at home.

“We will continue to work step-by-step and in consultation with all our stakeholders as we move towards resuming the 2019/20 season.”

“The planned kick-off times in the UK for live matches will also differ from traditional times.”

Premier League Fixtures 2020:

The old Premier League fixtures had to be changed due to the CoVID-19 suspending the game.

Premier League Fixtures

Premier League Rescheduled Dates: Premier League Fixtures 2020

Premier League: How to watch

Matchday 29

Wednesday, June 17: Aston Villa v. Sheffield United
Wednesday, June 17: Man City v. Arsenal

Matchday 30

Friday, June 19: Norwich v. Southampton
Friday, June 19: Tottenham v. Man United
Saturday, June 20: Watford v. Leicester
Saturday, June 20: Brighton v. Arsenal
Saturday, June 20: West Ham v. Wolves
Saturday, June 20: Bournemouth v. Palace
Sunday, June 21: Newcastle v. Sheffield United
Sunday, June 21: Aston Villa v. Chelsea
Sunday, June 21: Everton v. Liverpool* Venue TBC
Monday, June 22: Man City v. Burnley

Matchday 31

Tuesday, June 23: Leicester v. Brighton
Tuesday, June 23: Tottenham v. West Ham
Wednesday, June 24: Man United v. Sheffield United
Wednesday, June 24: Newcastle v. Aston Villa
Wednesday, June 24: Norwich v. Everton
Wednesday, June 24: Wolves v. Bournemouth
Wednesday, June 24: Liverpool v. Palace
Thursday, June 25: Southampton v. Arsenal
Thursday, June 25: Burnley v. Watford
Thursday, June 25: Chelsea v. Man City

Matchday 32

Saturday, June 27: Aston Villa v. Wolves
Sunday, June 28: Watford v. Southampton
Monday, June 29: Crystal Palace v. Burnley
Tuesday, June 30: Brighton v. Man United
Wednesday, July 1: Everton v. Leicester
Wednesday, July 1: Bournemouth v. Newcastle
Wednesday, July 1: Arsenal v. Norwich
Wednesday, July 1: West Ham v. Chelsea
Thursday, July 2: Sheffield United v. Tottenham
Thursday, July 2: Man City v. Liverpool * Venue TBC

More confirmed games: (All times below in CET)

Premier League Fixtures

Sat July 4: Leicester City vs Crystal Palace – 4pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Saturday July 4: Wolves vs Arsenal – 6.30pm, Sky Sports

Sat July 4: Chelsea vs Watford – 9pm, Sky Sports

Sun July 5: Burnley vs Sheffield Utd – 1pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Sunday July 5: Newcastle vs West Ham – 3pm, Sky Sports

Sun July 5: Liverpool vs Aston Villa – 5.30pm, Sky Sports

Mon July 6: Tottenham vs Everton – 9pm, Sky Sports

Tue July 7: Crystal Palace vs Chelsea – 7pm, Sky Sports

Tuesday July 7: Watford vs Norwich – 7pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Tue July 7: Arsenal vs Leicester – 9.15pm, Sky Sports

Wed July 8: Sheffield Utd vs Wolves – 7pm, Sky Sports

Wednesday July 8: Brighton vs Liverpool – 9.15pm, Sky Sports

Thurs July 9: Bournemouth vs Tottenham – 7pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Thurs July 9: Aston Villa vs Man Utd – 9.15pm, Sky Sports

Sat July 11: Sheffield Utd vs Chelsea – 6.30pm, Sky Sports

Sat July 11: Brighton vs Man City – 9pm, Sky Sports

Sun July 12: Wolves vs Everton – 1pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Sun July 12: Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace – 3pm, Sky Sports

Sunday July 12: Tottenham vs Arsenal – 5.30pm, Sky Sports

Sun July 12: Bournemouth vs Leicester – 8pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Mon July 13: Man Utd vs Southampton – 9pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick

Premier League Fixtures

Premier League Schedule:

As you can see, they are planning to play the remaining 9 rounds in just over a month’s time!

Matches will be played twice a week instead of one which means players will have to be extra fit. A fitness issue will definitely be on the cards. Moreover, the players are now out of touch having not played competitive football in over 2 months.

As for the safety and fitness of players, there is increased testing on the CoVID-19 illness. The players are being tested rapidly alongside the staff members. Germany has already tested over 1000 people each day in football camps along with the help of Premier League and while some cases are coming back positive, the reaction, in general, has been encouraging for football to restart for now!

This is not the only update. The players’ fitness is also being given extra scrutiny. In that light, there is an announcement. There will also be a new rule implied which was announced just today by the IFAB!

Football’s new Rule: Premier League Fixtures 2020

  • Lawmakers approve temporary use of up to five substitutes.
  • Only three opportunities to make subs during a game – excluding half-time & extra-time.
  • Extra sub allowed in extra-time.
  • FIFA wants to ‘protect player welfare’.

How do you think the Premier League will shape up with these rules?

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