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“Frank Lampard will NEVER be matched” – Jamie Redknapp


Jamie Redknapp believes cousin Frank Lampard is the “greatest goalscoring midfielder ever” and will go on to be a “tremendous” manager.

Lampard announced his retirement on Thursday, to the surprise of many within the football world, as tributes poured in congratulating the former Chelsea man on a fantastic career.

A career that saw him become Chelsea’s leading all-time scorer, and Redknapp does not think his cousin’s scoring records will ever be equalled in the Premier League.

“What a player. Almost a freak of nature.”

“When you talk about midfielders you would have to say Frank is the greatest goalscoring midfielder ever – not just in the Premier League – due to what he did and what he achieved.

“It was always so difficult to play against him because the longer the game went on you knew his fitness levels were so good, he would find a way of ghosting into the box. He was almost like a magnet, whenever the ball fell it always seemed to go to him. He was brilliant at it and he did it time and time again.

“I don’t think there will be anybody in Premier League history who repeats what he does in terms of goals and also assists, which I don’t think he got the credit for. He had a wonderful relationship with Didier Drogba at Chelsea.”

“When Frank was a young player, my dad would tell me that the other players would go home and Frank would put his running spikes on and practice his sprinting, or go for road runs, or get balls and practice his finishing, that is why he got the rewards he did,” Redknapp added.

“I think young players now are so quick to leave the training ground and get home, and someone like Frank is such a good example. Whatever he decides to do he will always be held in such high esteem. There are not many like him anymore. He deserves everything he has achieved.”

It is expected that Lampard will turn his hand to coaching in the future, and Redknapp said: “He can do whatever he wants. He ticks every box. If he wants to go on the TV he would be brilliant at that, if he wants to be a manager he could be tremendous.

“He has worked with some of the best like Jose (Mourinho), my dad and Carlo (Ancelotti). His options are limitless.”


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