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Gerrard: ‘Liverpool MUST offer Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson new contracts’


Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has ordered the club to tie down the futures of Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson.

Midfielder Gerrard will leave the club in the summer after turning down a new deal himself last summer.

And he has warned that they must secure new deals for Sterling and Henderson before it is too late.

“They need to sign him (Sterling) now. He knows what I want him to do, not just him but Jordan Henderson as well,” Gerrard told Sky Sports.

“When I was coming through at Liverpool, every time you got near a couple of years left, your contract would be renewed. There would be no worrying or panic.

“I see Henderson with a year left, Sterling – it’s in the paper too much and there is no smoke without fire. For me the message to the club is to get these done sharpish.

“These (players) are the future  of the club and I want to watch this team do well. I want to see them in cup finals, I want to see them challenging for leagues, and it is them – Sterling, Henderson, Daniel Sturridge, Coutinho who they have just signed up – who are the players who are going to deliver.

“It’s vital we get them done before it’s too late.”

Sterling has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, although manager Brendan Rodgers insists that there is a new deal to be offered.

Henderson is set to take up the captain’s armband when Gerrard departs to the MLS this summer.


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