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Leon Bailey to Chelsea, Weighing the Possibility


Chelsea might be sitting comfortably in the top tier of the English Premier League. But this doesn’t mean that they’re stopping their search for better players. With this, news just came in that Bayer player, Leon Bailey, is one of the Blues’ top prospects.

Reports even say that Chelsea has been monitoring the 20-year-old for already 18 months, a proof of their serious interest on the midfielder.  It’s also said that the possible transfer deal would cost as much as £ 20 million. So why Bailey? Well, the club’s interest has something to do with his reputation of being one of Bundesliga’s quickest players.

And it’s not just his agility and witty approach to the game that made him a top prospect, but his consistent gameplay too. With his fresh 12 game appearances in his young career, Bailey already had made 5 goals, which is far higher than the usual record made by other players that are his same age.

He also has a high success percentage rate of 73.3%. This perfectly goes with his 7.34/10.0 rating, another proof of his innate prowess in the sport of football. The Jamaican football player is best known for his expertise in making key passes, doing crossings, and creating direct free kicks.

Though he might not be the best when it comes to aerial duels, and his defensive contribution also isn’t spectacular, it really doesn’t matter much to Chelsea as they’ve got players who’re focused on doing those specialty roles.

Another reason why the Blues are eyeing Bailey to be one of theirs is due to Coach Antonio Conte’s gameplay strategy. Conte prefers his players to shoot from the distance instead of attempting strikes near the goal’s proximity.

The team’s previous performances also showed that they’re focusing more on dribbling while having fewer tackles. Fortunately, those are just Leon Bailey’s fortes. And that’s what landed him the spot as Chelsea’s brightest prospects.

And though Bailey hasn’t yet proven much to make him go on par with Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi when they were his age, Chelsea’s still completely cool with that. It’s because Chelsea had been used to signing young prospects that have the potential to become future stars.

And it’s in that lurking hope and optimism that they’re aggressively enticing Bailey to join their cause, not only in the Premier League but also possibly with the Champions League. As of now, Chelsea is seated on the 3rd spot in the English Premier League rankings.

They’re also one of the top favorites in the game thanks to their 20/1 odds. If ever they manage to include Bailey on their roster, as well as other new and young prospects, then there’s no doubt that their popularity is going to rise further.

When this happens, they might even overtake the No. 2 Man United’s 10/1 odds, or even go beyond it and dethrone Man City’s 1/8 odds from the league’s top spot. Whichever the case is, Chelsea would be worthy to be feared upon by other clubs.

And if the young Jamaican proves that he’s a legit contributor to the team’s offensive end, then it would mean fewer roles for Diego Costa and Romelu Lukaku. The effect would then shift the balance in the league because of the more risk-taker role that this newbie would take.

Liverpool and Arsenal’s 40/1 odds would be questioned as it’s possible to plummet even further as they lack young prospects on their roster. The Hotspur’s 100/1 odds might also face greater doom as the can be pushed as far back as Watford and Leicester City’s 750/1 and 1000/1 odds respectively.

With these being said, it would then be highly recommended for you to bet on Chelsea football with a Ladbrokes free bet or on other similar sports bookmakers. The winning chances are higher than ever, and the tendency for unexpected lopsided games far lower.


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