Harry Kane Refuses To Apologise For Diving

Harry Kane Refuses To Apologise For Diving

Harry Kane is adamant on never apologising for his dive in the North London derby last weekend.

The Englishman was caught on camera, trying to influence the referee’s decision by going to ground far too easily in the Arsenal box. He was even made to watch the replay in the post-match interview and asked to comment on it, the video of which has gone viral on the internet.

Kane is viewed as a role model for all top professionals and also as one of the world’s best strikers. He does not have a general reputation of diving unlike his some of football’s more notable names like Neymar, Sergio Busquets or Diego Costa.

When asked if he will ever apologise for diving, the 25-year-old replied, “Never – and hopefully I don’t have to.”

“I haven’t really heard much on that,” Kane added. “I said after the Newcastle game it was a clear penalty from my point of view. In the Arsenal game, it’s a 50/50 one, similar to one we got given against us at Wembley the year before. I am someone who uses his body well, which as a striker you have to do at every level.”

He continued, “On the halfway line it’s a free-kick every day. In the penalty box, you don’t always get it. It’s about doing my best on the pitch and the most important thing is about winning games.”

Harry Kane scored a hat-trick against Bulgaria this week and is expected to start against Kosovo on Tuesday.

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