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Harry Kane still can’t get over England’s Euro 2020 loss

Harry Kane still can't get over England's Euro 2020 loss

The Euro 2020 final loss still haunts Harry Kane to this day.

The 28-year old England captain is currently enduring a tough season at Tottenham scoring once in the last ten Premier League games.

He was expected to leave the North London club for Manchester City this summer but a move failed to materialise.

Kane explains how he is struggling to cope with the loss of the Euro 2020 final loss.

The Englishman told a news conference: “It was tough in terms of that loss. Losing a European final for your country at Wembley, that will stay with me for the rest of my career.

“You never really get over those things. Hopefully we go and win some major tournaments. That always stings but I’m pretty used to it now, I’m pretty used to going back into things.

“There was a lot of talk, a lot of speculation over the summer — the first real time that probably happened to me in my career — but that’s part and parcel of learning, part and parcel of being a big player, having to deal with those situations and I think I dealt with it well.

“Now it is about focusing. There is still a long way to go at club level and now for me it is about finishing these two games strong with England and finishing off what has been a great calendar year.”


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