Jordi Cardoner comments on Leo Messi contract clause

Barcelona vice-president Jordi Cardoner has commented on the revelation about a clause in Lionel Messi’s contract that will allow him to leave any day he wishes to.

The revelation in question sent a lot of fans into worry about losing their superstar but Cardoner has maintained that he is not at all concerned about the Argentinian’s future at the Nou Camp.

“We are calm and there is a lot of positivity, especially in the dressing room,” Cardoner said.

“Leo will do what he thinks is fit, but Leo’s contract is very special because he is who he is.

“It’s a concession made to him and other players who deserve it.”

“He can enter and leave the club when he sees fit.”

“I’d love for him to stay for as long as he wants to play for our team.”

Cardoner also gave his views on the recent Neymar transfer saga.

“He was happy here. Most, if not all, the players are happy here,” he said.

“That chapter is in the past and we will wait for things to happen [in the future], but we are competing, LaLiga has already started, and it’s a chapter that we are not dealing with right now.”

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