Home Football Jose Mourinho delighted with Tottenham win

Jose Mourinho delighted with Tottenham win

Jose Mourinho delighted with Tottenham win

Another day, another win for Tottenham.

And yet another clean sheet too. Jose Mourinho is making Tottenham into real title challengers this season.

On Sunday, they struggled but did beat West Bromwich Albion 1-0.

“It was one of those matches with all the ingredients to lose a couple of points – difficult opponents, they want to stop you, they analyse you, they see where you are strong, they try to close every possible door, and they did it,” Mourinho said.

“Apart from that, they also had strategy in relation to the time, in relation to the intensity – they tried everything, fought really hard, and the good thing was that we always tried.

“Even being difficult, it was not a game where it had lots of chances, but a game where you start pushing, pushing, pushing and you feel the possible is coming. Then the moment arrived where I felt it’s time to bring Vinicius, to change the structure a little, to give them a different problem than they had until then. With Vinicius, Harry became a little more free and he got that space to score the winning goal.

“We defended well. Hugo had one moment to say ‘I’m here’ and in that moment, he said I’m here – he made a crucial save. The team defended very, very well. They have three huge centre-backs who go up for the set-pieces, and we controlled them the majority of the time. The team has great solidarity. In the last five minutes and extra time, Harry Kane dropped back, Lucas almost as a right-back, Sonny almost as a left-back, accumulating people in front of the box… I’m really pleased with their attitude.”

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