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Jose Mourinho: ‘This is my message to Chelsea fans!’


Former Blues Boss Jose Mourinho says he doesn’t care what reception he gets on his return to Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

The new Manchester United manager also admits he has never seen Roman Abramovich as a friend.

Mourinho heads back to Stamford Bridge for the first time since being let go for the second time by Abramovich back in December.

Asked about the reception he expects from the fans who once adored him, Mourinho said: “To say I care is not true.

“What can I expect? I don’t know. They can think about me and remember our great relations and have a good reaction.

“They can look at me and say ‘for 90 minutes he is Man United manager and he is playing against us, so he is not someone we like at this moment’.

“I know I was their most successful manager. I know but I did my job. They gave me their love and they gave me their support. That is the most important thing.

“If now I go there as Man United manager and they decide to have a different approach I will always respect them.”

Mourinho won three league titles in his five years at Stamford Bridge, however, he admits he was never truly close to Chelsea’s billionaire owner Abramovich.

“He was never my friend,” said Mourinho.

“We always had the relationship of owner-manager. It was a very respectful relationship.

“We were never close friends. If I go to his house I just go for professional reasons, just for a professional meeting. If we see each other it is only because of that.

“We never share anything personal. We were not friends maybe because I was really respectful to the position of the owner.”

The Chelsea supporters backed Mourinho before and after he was sacked even turning on their own players who some initially blamed for getting him the boot.

Mourinho added: “When some managers leave clubs, they like to, I don’t know the right saying but in Portuguese it is ‘wash the dirty clothes’.

“It means speak about what happened. Go back and speak and speak and speak.



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