Linesman shown RED CARD by referee!

Linesman shown RED CARD by referee!

A referee was given his marching orders by the main man in the middle after a little incident on the pitch.

Andrew McWilliam was doing his job as normal running the line during the Scottish Premiership clash between Kilmarnock and Dundee, when all of a sudden things took a turn for the worst.

Surely this will go down as one of the Top 10 refereeing mistakes

The poor guy was just standing there next to Killie midfielder Jordan Jones as he lined up to take a corner kick, but play was halted before turning away from the pitch clutching his stomach.

Then, just seconds later, he harked up his lunch on the side of the pitch while the disbelieving crowd at Rugby Park went crazy.

Seeing all the commotion, referee Craig Thomson ran over to check if his colleague was ok, however,  in a hilarious twist of events, the official whipped out a red card.

Players from both sides are heard bursting into hysterics before the match continued a few minutes later.

Almost more than 100,000 people have seen the clip after it was posted on social media site Reddit.

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