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Liverpool can sign Sao Paulo’s Lucas Beraldo for cheaper than initially reported


Liverpool appears to have an excellent chance to sign Sao Paulo defender Lucas Beraldo for a much less expensive fee than was previously reported.

Discussions between the club and the 19-year-old prospect are presumably underway, indicating a possible solution to Joel Matip’s impending exit at the end of the season.

Despite early rumours estimating a £20 million price tag, Jorge Nicola, a trusted Brazilian football journalist, describes that talks have not yet officially begun but indicate a more advantageous negotiation terrain for Liverpool.

Explaining via his YouTube channel, he said: “I spoke with Julio Caseres, the president of Sao Paulo, and with someone from Beraldo’s staff5.

“Julio said that, so far, absolutely nothing has arrived. Neither an enquiry or an offer (from Liverpool)

“The person from Beraldo’s staff also doesn’t believe in (reports of) such large figures.

“I think Beraldo will be sold in the next transfer window, at the end of our season here (in Brazil). Sao Paulo needs the money but this value seems very high to me.”

Nicola disproves earlier accusations of a high price, claiming that Beraldo’s acquisition might come at a far lower cost.

While the terms of the potential trade have still to be worked out, Liverpool may take comfort in the fact that they will be able to secure a quality young defender without blowing the bank.

The club’s officials are said to have held conversations with the Brazilian star, clearing the door for a low-cost purchase during the upcoming transfer window.

Liverpool fans will be watching the negotiations closely to see how this unexpected twist in the story plays out, bringing optimism for a strategic and cost-effective boost to the team’s defensive lineup.

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