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Mata still not given Chelsea explanation


Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has revealed that he was never told why he was given such little playing time under Jose Mourinho.

Following the Portuguese’s return to Chelsea last summer, Mata struggled to hold down a regular starting position and he ended up making just 13 League appearances before moving to Manchester United in January.

Mata was named Chelsea player of the season for two consecutive years before Mourinho’s arrival and the midfielder claims he never questioned the 51 year-old’s decision to exclude him from the first team.

Mata told The Guardian“No. We never talked about that. Nor would we.

“When I played, I played. He would give me instructions. 

“There are coaches who explain but others who don’t think it’s necessary. That’s all.”

The Spaniard went on to say that he still keeps in touch with some of his former team-mates but also said that the build up to his move was very difficult for him to cope with.

“Mentally, it was complicated. It was hard to leave Chelsea and I’ll always be grateful but, at the same time, I was joining a great club,” said the midfielder.

“I spent virtually the whole time at home with my family, trying to stay calm, waiting, watching time pass, watching films and series, checking the phone. I went to the gym to make sure I didn’t lose shape because I hardly trained [with Chelsea].

“Lots of team-mates are friends and they call. Not to gossip but to ask how you are, to be by your side. I’m still in touch with people at Chelsea; there are good people in that dressing room, friends forever. 

“Everything depends on the club more than the player: the quantities, the paperwork.”

By Phil Wellbrook

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