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Mauricio Pochettino explains why Moises Caicedo has struggled so far

Moisés Caicedo to Chelsea - €116 million: Top 10 Deals of Summer Transfer Window

Mauricio Pochettino sheds light on Moises Caicedo’s struggles at Chelsea

Chelsea FC manager Mauricio Pochettino revealed the problems the Ecuadorian midfielder has had since his high-profile transfer in a candid admission before of Moises Caicedo’s awaited match against his previous team.

Pochettino revealed that Caicedo has been suffering from a recurring knee injury, which has been exacerbated by the strenuous travel demands of international holidays across globe.

“Travelling to South America is tough, two or three weeks with us – 25 or 30 days – and then away for 10 or 12 days,” Poch added.

“Then, he came back with some issues with his knee. That didn’t help. It is not an excuse; it is the reality – we need time.”

“Before this press conference, he was in my office for twenty minutes,” Pochettino said yesterday, at his weekly Friday/weekend match preview media session.

It is easy because we speak Spanish. It is a subconscious process [to adapt] and that is a problem – only in time can you adapt. We had no pre-season with him. We talk about footballers; it is physical and mental, and there is the talent. If you want to express your talent, you need to be clear in your mind and be good in your legs; otherwise, it is not possible to move.”

Pochettino stressed the cumulative impact of jet lag and injuries on a player’s form, recognizing the complexities of football’s physical toll.

While without making excuses, Pochettino noted the delicate balance required for peak performance, particularly when carrying the weight of a large transfer cost.

With contracts worth roughly $150 million, the odds are high for football royalty. Pochettino’s observations shed light on Caicedo’s unknown struggles, pushing viewers to appreciate the complexities of an athlete’s journey among the brutal demands of the beautiful game.

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