Home Football Maurizio Sarri Not Scared Of Losing Juventus Job

Maurizio Sarri Not Scared Of Losing Juventus Job

Maurizio Sarri Not Scared Of Losing Juventus Job

Maurizio Sarri has brushed off sacking rumours with comparisons to a Formula 1 driver.

Juventus are six points clear at the top of the Serie A but are not fully convinced about the man in charge. He is facing talks of an exit even if he leads the Bianconeri to a ninth consecutive league title.

“I have a contract and I want to honour it at all costs,” said the ex-Chelsea boss, whose contract is set to run until June 2022. “Asking me about if I am worried for my future is like asking a Formula One driver if he is afraid to go fast. I’m happier feeling someone breathing down my neck. It’s part of my profession – if you win, you are doing well, if you lose, you are doing badly. Football is difficult, wherever you are.

“At Chelsea, there was a different situation, I liked the idea of going to England, then last summer I wanted to come back to Italy, but the future is the game against Lazio on Monday and we have to think about every single game. All the rest comes as a result.”

Sarri’s transition to Juve has not been the smoothest, as evident from the inconsistencies here and there. They are still set to face Lazio who were right up their heel prior to the restart.

“Lazio have had a great season, they have proven to be a great team even if they are going through a difficult period,” added the 61-year-old. “It is a strange time we’re playing in, which is unique in the history of football. This is a team we have always struggled against. In a single game everything can change, so the difficulty of this game speaks for itself.”

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