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Messi wants Man City move – Zabaleta


Man City fans, don’t get your hopes up to high! This is just another rumour you can add to the Messi to the Premier League pile. 

You should never say never in football, because more than likely it will happen somewhere along the road. Just look at Bale to Real Madrid, most people did not think that would happen and it did. 

So Messi coming to the Premier League, will never be out of the question in my mind, and the same can be said for Zabaleta.

Who believes that Messi’s constant questioning about life at Man City is indication enough to him that the Argentine wants to move to Manchester. 

‘He asked me a lot about City, but I couldn’t tell him much because I didn’t know much myself. It’s something we often talk about, plus the fact that I’m still here.’

Steven Rout – @Steven_Rout13


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