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Milan Mayor Says Sorry To Koulibaly After Racist Abuse


The Mayor of Milan has apologised to Kalidou Koulibaly following yesterday’s racist abuse.

The Napoli player was sent off the pitch after he sarcastically applauded the referee’s decision to show him the yellow card against Inter Milan.

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, took to the social media platform to apologise for the racist abuse that the Napoli star Kalidou Koulibaly had to face during the match against Inter Milan. The Senegalese defender was sent off to have reacted with a sarcastic applause after the referee booked him for his foul on Matteo Politano, leaving the side with 10 men.

Sala wrote on his Facebook page, “Those jeers at Koulibaly were a disgrace,” he added, “It was a shameful act against a respected athlete, who proudly bears the colour of his skin, and also, to a lesser degree, against the many people who go to the stadium to support their team and be with their friends.”

The player himself also took to the social media to express his feelings about the booking and the incident. He wrote on his Twitter account, “I’m disappointed by the defeat and above all to have left my brothers,” he added, “But I am proud of the colour of my skin. Proud to be French, Senegalese, Neapolitan: a man.”

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo also took to Twitter and posted a picture of himself playing against Koulibaly with a message that said, “Education and respect are needed in the world and in football. No to racism and to any offence and discrimination.”

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