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Yo, guys Im a milanista and, me and my fellow friends will guide u through the remains of the season.

Im supposed to sum up this season and tell you about what I think so far, news, my opinions, rumors and etc. Observe the match reports are viewed from my perspective or my crews perspective. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss!

But seriously do I really? Do I need to sum up the season? Or can we just look at those two legs versus Arsenal?

Yes, we can!

The first leg against Arsenal showed everyone what Milan can do with almost a full squad or at least when we have our best players to our disposal.

Milan is in pole position to win the league and hopefully we will win the fight over that creature, thing, Juventus to be crowned champions. Milan is still in all three competitions despite some really big blows on the player front. The team lost Cassano at a very early stage of the season, and the possibility of having him back, isn’t that big. Unfortunately the team is still dragging with Patos bad karma, his injuries. After 4 seasons he still hasn’t played 75% of a season. Our new signing Aquilani, and our nostalgic player Prince Boa aren’t at 100% due to the injuries and Gattuso and so on, but still without several of our players the team still manages to reach the Quarter-finals, Semi-final in Coppa Italia and fighting for the Scudetto. I am pretty happy with what the team have been achieving this far in all the three of the competitions.

But is it only positive things to say about the season? No, of course it isn’t.

The second leg of the game against Arsenal was a complete disaster, it did not display the first game at all. It went from penatrating to be penetrated. And I am pretty pissed of the performance.

YOU cannot play like a bunch of losers and then expect titles, for f*** sake. Jisses, the first half display from Milan was CRAP nothing else. But you can’t take away the performance from Arsenal. They played world-class football for 45 minutes. They dominated the game and ruined the Milan display. I thought it was all over, I was sure of it. But then something happened. It seems like Wenger told his players not to take to many risks, which opened space for Milan and that led to a takeover from the Italian side. The second half display was okey, because it took us into the Quarter-final.

But as you all saw, as every team saw. We got some big weak links especially at the left back position. When young inexperienced players play it isn’t good at the big stages. The puzzle isn’t complete yet.

What can I say? I hope this was a wake-up call for the team and that good things from this game stays put. If ill rate the players today I would give all of them a 1 out of 5 except Abbiati, Ibrahimovic and Abate.

Well guys gotta go its late. Avanti Milan, Were aiming for the Treble.

Ciao Sam!


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