Mourinho accuses managers like Lampard of having their job easy

Mourinho accuses managers like Lampard of having their job easy

Jose Mourinho has accused managers like Frank Lampard of getting it easy as managers of big clubs.

Mourinho has also come face to face with Aston Villa’s assistant to boss – John Terry.

Does Mourinho think John Terry might become the manager someday? He told BBC Football Focus: “I can and I can especially because it looks like he chose the good way to do it.

“Because in this moment opportunities for inexperienced people is coming, like, so easy.

“Of course there are exceptions, but many of them, they are not ready for the dimension of the challenge.

“But John, I think he will arrive, but I think when he arrives, he will arrive with more stability, with more know-how.

“Because one thing is to be a top player, but another thing is to be a head coach or a manager.”

Mourinho said: “Tottenham of course doesn’t win titles for a few years but this relation between the amazing stadium we have and the amazing fanbase we have gives us very very good conditions to do fantastic work.

“If it’s going to lead us to titles in my period here. I don’t know. I cannot promise.

“But if it comes after me and my work has done some contribution, some influence in that, I will be happy anyway.”

Do you agree with Mourinho?

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