Mourinho questions Van Persie verdict

Jose Mourinho has hit out against the FA and their supposed double standards regarding the treatment of certain players.

He has questioned why Van Persie will not be subjected to the same punishment as Diego Costa for violent conduct.

Though Mourinho did not explicitly mention the Dutch striker, he was talking about the United man, who has escaped punishment for an elbow to West Ham defender James Tomkins’ face.

After miming an elbow, the Portuguese manager said: “A player did this in the face of somebody else and nothing happened.

“The same thing happened last season when Ramires was suspended and one week later a Man City player kicked a player at Norwich, who was on the floor and nothing happened. I’m used to it.”

“The same people who suspended my player didn’t want to suspend a player this weekend,” he added.

“A player could have been suspended this weekend and he wasn’t. I am still processing that information.”

Meanwhile Hammers boss Sam Allardyce also commented on the challenge but his concerns were primarily with his player.

“From a challenge point of view I thought it was pretty naughty. He (Van Persie) had a look to see where the defender was and then took him out basically.

“The assistant referee gave a foul but he didn’t think it was more serious. Tomkins should be fit to play tomorrow night which is the most important thing for us.”

By Phil Wellbrook

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