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Nations League England: Who are England fixtures be against – Holland, Switzerland, Croatia?

Nations League England Who can England fixtures be against - Holland, Switzerland, Croatia

Nations League England Who can England fixtures be against - Holland, Switzerland, Croatia

Nations League England? Who can England face in Nations League?

Nations League England fixtures? Who will the Three Lions have to play in the second edition of the Nations League? It can vary from tough to very easy for England.

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They made the semis last time.

The draw could leave England with a dream draw of Italy, Bosnia, and Iceland, or they could face a daunting group containing France, Germany and Denmark.

Here are the pots:

The 55 associations have been split into four Leagues according to their position in the UEFA National Team Coefficient Rankings (1–16 in League A, 17–32 in League B, 33-48 in League C, 49–55 in League D). Within each League, teams have been subdivided into two pots (League D) or four (for Leagues A, B and C), again according to the rankings.

League A

Pot 1: Portugal, Netherlands, England, Switzerland
Pot 2: Belgium, France, Spain, Italy
Pot 3: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden
Pot 4: Croatia, Poland, Germany, Iceland

League B

Pot 1: Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic
Pot 2: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland
Pot 3: Slovakia, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland
Pot 4: Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania

League C

Pot 1: Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Georgia
Pot 2: North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Cyprus
Pot 3: Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
Pot 4: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova

League D

Pot 1: Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Liechtenstein
Pot 2: Andorra, Malta, San Marino

Nations League England Who can England fixtures be against - Holland, Switzerland, Croatia

The draw starts with League D and Pot 2, which contains three balls, with teams assigned to groups in ascending order from D1 to D2. The draw continues with Pot 1. The draws for the other Leagues follow a similar procedure, though with four pots.

UEFA Nations League Draw Date

The draw takes place on Tuesday 3 March 2020, with the ceremony getting underway at 18:00 CET in Amsterdam.

Nations League Semi Final : When can the draw be?

The group stages are going to be underway soon later this year. The draw for the group stages is today at 18:00 CET. The semi finals are scheduled to take place early next summer for which the draws will happen after the group stages are over.

Nations League Finals: When is the Draw?

The Nations League finals draw is not happening. The semi finals will be played next season and the two winners of the two semi finals will play the final.

The set up for this season is a little different from the last one for the Nations League.

World Cup qualifying at first remains generally the equivalent, with ten gathering champs progressing straightforwardly to the finals in Qatar. The organization of the end of the season games has developed, however, and will currently comprise of two knockout rounds from which three groups qualify. It will include the ten gathering sprinters up in addition to the best two UEFA Nations League bunch victors (in view of their general UEFA Nations League rankings) who didn’t legitimately qualify or arrive at the end of the season games.

Nations League England Who can England fixtures be against - Holland, Switzerland, Croatia

So Who Can England Face?

In front of the attract Amsterdam on Tuesday night, all the countries have been sub-partitioned into pots.

The four nations who made a year ago’s finals – England, Portugal, Holland and Switzerland – have been set together in one pot thus can’t play each other once more.

So England will play somebody from pot 2 (Belgium/France/Spain/Italy), somebody from pot 3 (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ukraine/Denmark/Sweden) and somebody from pot 4 (Croatia/Poland/Germany/Iceland).

Nations League Matchdays:

UEFA will confirm the 162 League phase fixtures, with dates and kick-off times, as soon as possible after the draw. Kick-off times are 15:00 CET (Saturdays and Sundays only, optional), 18:00 CET and 20:45 CET. Matchweeks are below.

Matchday 1: 3–5 September 2020
Matchday 2: 6–8 September 2020
Matchday 3: 8–10 October 2020
Matchday 4: 11–13 October 2020
Matchday 5: 12–14 November 2020
Matchday 6: 15–17 November 2020
Finals: 2, 3, 6 June 2021
Relegation play-offs: 24, 25, 28, 29 March 2022

What are the chances of England facing Holland?

Both teams reached the semi-finals of the European Nations League last time. England lost while the Netherlands won. They are both in Pot 1 of League A. Hence, they are unable to play each other and England will breathe a sigh of relief of having to not play the Netherlands.

Netherlands have a lot of good players in Depay, Virgil Van Dijk, Gini Wijnaldum, Matthijs de Ligt. They will no doubt make a long way into the tournament and will face England if both teams keep qualifying.

What are the chances of England facing Switzerland?

Switzerland reached the semi finals like England last time. They too like the English lost the semis to Portugal. So the teams faced off in a third place match. The match ended in a goal less draw. After that it went to a penalty shootout which England won 6-5.

They will not be able to face each other as they are both in the Pot 1 of League A.

What are the chances of England facing Croatia?

Nations League England Who can England fixtures be against - Holland, Switzerland, Croatia

The two sides met last in the semis of the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Over there it was heart break for England fans as their dream run with a young team was stopped by the hard working Croatians.

Croatia eventually lost the final to France by 4-2 but the 2-1 match against England in the semi final was a memorable one.

Croatia is in Pot 4 of League 1 and can face England in the Nations League draw tonight. Tune in to watch the draw from 18:00 CET at Amsterdam.

The other team who England cannot face is Portugal, who are the eventual winners.

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