Peter Crouch says that Manchester United cannot lose Pogba

Stoke City footballer Peter Crouch thinks that Manchester United should not let go of Paul Pogba. There have been several rumors of a move to Barcelona due to a rift with Mourinho. However, Mourinho himself has revealed that there is no friction between the two.

Crouch said, “The first game I played this summer was a friendly at Walsall. It was in the middle of July on the back of three weeks in training.I’d had a good holiday so I returned fresh but, still, I was out on my feet after the game. I thought back to that last Friday when I watched Paul Pogba play for Manchester United against Leicester after just five days back in training.

What he did was remarkable. Yes, he is full of confidence after helping France win the World Cup but, from a physical point of view, the ground he covered and the impact that he had in his side’s 2-1 win was incredible. But the other aspect that stamped the performance as special was the fact he delivered it with everything that is going on behind the scenes.

Peter Crouch added, “Unhappy players shouldn’t be able to exert that much influence but Pogba is special. Yet every time I watch him I just feel he has so much more to give. He has got that much ability it is frightening. His situation at the moment, though, is clearly not ideal and United have got to find a solution to all this. What Pogba has shown in the last two years is only scratching the surface of what he can do. United cannot afford to lose someone of his talent.”

The Red Devils will face Brighton and Hove Albion tomorrow.

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