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Premier League close to introducing Winter Break


With the sales of Premier League broadcasting rights for 2019-2022 just around the corner, it looks like a winter break could finally reach the English Premier League.

English clubs usually through a hectic period of football during the Christmas while there are breaks across other European leagues during the festive season.

There are Christmas breaks across European Leagues during the festive season but English football has yet to join in. The lack of a winter break in the Premier League has caused a lot of concern and so much debate for years, with the England national team’s lack of success often blamed on the brutal season English clubs go through.

Finally, though, there appears to be some movement.

The Times have revealed that broadcasters have been warned the footballing calendar could be subject to notable changes in the near future – the biggest sign yet that wheels are in motion. The rights to show live Premier League football domestically from 2019-2022 are up for sale now, with the results of bidding set to be announced next week.

Premier League leaders Manchester City are currently experiencing – the Sky Blues have recently played 13 games in the space of 42 days in December and January.

Kevin De Bruyne after City’s 1-1 draw with Burnley said : “I was feeling it from the first minute,”

“You feel great for 10 games, then you feel OK for 10 games and then the rest you feel like shit.”



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