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Premier League introduces new set of rules for matchdays in England

Premier League introduces new set of rules for matchdays in England

The Premier League is finally restarting.

However, they do have a few new rules in place.

Find out what they are:


Stadiums will be divided into three separate zones on game days: red, amber and green.

  • Red Zone: Includes the pitch, technical area, tunnel and dressing rooms. All who enter must have a ‘clinical passport’ and only 110 people are permitted at any one time.
  • Amber Zone: Includes all areas of the stadium aside from the Red Zone. Those who enter must complete a medical questionnaire and have their temperature checked.
  • Green Zone: Includes the area outside the stadium. Access is granted in accordance with the host club’s safety policy.

Journey to stadiums

  • Players and staff must complete relevant COVID-19 checks and report symptoms.
  • Travel is permitted via car, coach, plane or train – provided it is a sterile environment.
  • Social distancing must be applied in all transport modes and those who travel in their own cars, should do so alone.
  • Hotels should be used in essential circumstances only.


  • A sterile route from vehicles to the dressing room will be provided at all grounds.
  • Dressing rooms for both teams and match officials must have enough space to allow for social distancing and additional rooms may be used if required.

Use of the Tunnel:

  • At certain stadiums, teams will enter the field through different tunnels.
  • When that cannot be facilitated, journeys to and from the field will be staggered.
  • Gathering in or around the tunnel is forbidden as are pre-match handshakes.

Stadium Hygiene:

  • Widespread disinfection and strict cleaning measures must be applied at all stadia.
  • Changing facilities, dugouts, match balls, goalposts, corner flags, and substitution boards will all be subject to those measures.
  • Hand-sanitizing dispensers must be freely available and signposted throughout all stadiums.
  • Those on the bench other than players and coaching staff must wear face coverings, although this can be waived in certain circumstances.

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