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Premier League’s top 4: Who will get Europe?

Premier League's top 4: Who will get Europe?

The Premier League is back in action.

With the league title set to go to Liverpool, one may make the mistake to think that there is little to play for. The top team might have been decided but the spots for European qualification are more than open. More than 8 teams fighting for 4 spots is exactly what the Premier League is set to promise in the last few rounds.

As of now, Liverpool are top by far with Manchester City at second place followed by Leicester City and Chelsea. United are in the fifth spot followed by Wolves, Spurs, Sheffield and Arsenal who are all scrambling for a top 4. The difference between Arsenal at 9th place and Chelsea at 4th could potentially be only 5 points if Arsenal win their extra game in hand.

This would mean an intense fight for the top 4 is about to ensue with 9-10 games left per team.

The Blues are at the moment in the top 4 but Lampard’s men will watch nervously over their shoulders at a United team who are gathering some serious momentum with Pogba and Rashford back. Jose will also be motivated to help Spurs back to the top 4 with Kane and son back and Spurs on paper will have the most composed starting XI.

Sheffield have been competitors all season while Arsenal under Arteta are looking like a whole new side. A lot is depending on their European qualification as well so you well may seem an extra motivated Gunners team.

Who do you think will make the top 4? We are going with Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester City, Manchester United!

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