Home Football Project Big Picture has collapsed in the Premier League

Project Big Picture has collapsed in the Premier League

Project Big Picture has collapsed in the Premier League

All 20 teams unanimously has voted against the proposal brought forth by Manchester United and Liverpool for project big picture.

“Premier League Shareholders today unanimously agreed to work together as a 20-club collective on a strategic plan for the future structures and financing of English football,” read an official statement on Wednesday.

“Premier League clubs also agreed that Project Big Picture will not be endorsed by the Premier League, any of its clubs or The FA.”

According to the document, suggestions included:

  • Reducing the Premier League from 20 to 18 teams
  • Scrapping the League Cup and Community Shield
  • A revamp to Premier League voting, giving top clubs more power
  • Changing the play-off system
  • A £20 cap on away tickets and a push for safe standing

However, the rule has been scrapped now. It was placed by Manchester United and Liverpool who besides wanting to help the teams from the lower division wanted to use the situation to strengthen their position to take over control in the Premier League.

However, the clubs were absolutely not in pro of the idea where they would stand to lose power to the top 6 essentially of football – Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur!

The whole idea has now been canceled.

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