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Ronaldo v Messi: Who Is The Best?


There is no doubt Ronaldo and Messi are the  greatest players to grace the world of football but who is the better player?

Ronaldo and Messi have been going head to head for the last six to seven years, not just for individual titles but also helping their retrospective clubs and national teams to success. However, the question that has raged on in many conversations is who is better Ronaldo ? or Messi ?. This the question which has divided football fans to this very day.

Ronaldo v Messi Head To Head

In my opinion they both are great in their own right, Messi is amazing at building up attacks bringing his team mates into crucial plays and can execute precision passes which can bring down the best defences in the game. Then we have Cristiano Ronaldo who is much more athletic, can make dangerous solo runs up the wings  and can score all type of sensational goals.

Ronaldo is seen by many as more of a professional, he already had the talent, However, he managed to greatly improve with his dedication to be the best, which we have  witnessed season after season. Messi on the other hand has a freaky natural gift of control and balance over the football, he can accelerate with the ball at his feet better than anyone in world football today.

But before we decide who is the better player lets take a look at this fantastic video and compare them once and for all…


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