Sergio Aguero Insists Lionel Messi Should Win The Balon d’Or

Sergio Aguero Insists Lionel Messi Should Win The Balon d’Or

Sergio Aguero has backed Lionel Messi to win the Balon d’Or despite the Argentine not playing in the Champions League final this term.

Liverpool made a superb comeback in the Champions League second leg to deny Barcelona a chance to grab a place in the final. The Reds will now face Tottenham Hotspur in the all England final in Madrid.

Usually, a person competing in the Champions League final is being seen as the most eligible for this prestigious trophy, Virgil van Dijk is the frontrunner this season after having spent a superb season at the Anfield.

The Dutch defender has already been adjudged the Premier League Player of the Season and also holds a place in the PFA Player of the Year. But Aguero thinks his national teammate Messi deserves the award more.

“I don’t enjoy having to clarify my statements – but when I’m quoted for things I haven’t said, it must be done

“I’ll spell it out then. No one other than Messi will be my pick for the Balon d’Or as long as he keeps on playing – particularly if he plays like he did this season.

“The question put forward to me was whether I should win the award myself this year. My reply was that I should have reached the CL finals if I wished to deserve it. Couldn’t be clearer, and there shouldn’t have been room for misinterpretation.”

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