Sports presenter Richard Keys thinks that Liverpool will win the Premier League

Sports presenter Richard Keys thinks that Liverpool will win their first Premier League title after nearly three decades. Ever since the tournament has been named the “Premier League”, Liverpool have never won it.  Keys thinks that Liverpool will scrape through Manchester City to win the title. The former Sky Sports host tipped Tottenham Hotspur to come third while Manchester United was his prediction for fourth place. Keys predicted Chelsea and Arsenal as 5th and 6th respectively.

Richard Keys wrote on his personal blog, “If Liverpool don’t win the title with this squad they’ll never win it again. Jurgen Klopp now has all the tools he requires to end the long wait. I like what he’s been doing. In January and again this summer he addressed areas that Liverpool were desperately short in – centre back and goalkeeper. I said after their Champions League surrender that unless he got himself a good keeper he’d never win anything.

I don’t mind at all that he’s been spending. You’ve got to spend, now more than ever before – and you can go all the way back to Sunderland’s ‘Bank of England’ team to find clubs that have ‘bought the title’. You have to. They all do. They were closer to City last year than any other side. As we saw – on their day they could be better. Now they’ve got to find the consistency to do it every weekend. And it’s got to be every weekend.”

“Of course City will be most people’s favourites, but I believe their priority will be the Champions League. Pep Guardiola has spent a fortune piecing together this team and they blitzed the title last season. They were an absolute joy to watch, but he’s got to take it on. Winning another title wouldn’t do that. He’s got to win the Champions League, something that he has failed miserably to do since leaving Barcelona and critically – something he hasn’t done without Messi.”

About Tottenham Hotspur,Richard Keys said, “They haven’t added anything, so in effect Spurs have stood still. The huge debt for an over budget stadium might be the reason.” As far as Manchester United was concerned, Keys said that if things look as they are right now, Mourinho would be gone by Christmas.

Regarding Chelsea, he said that assistant manager Gianfranco Zola could make a difference as he was a former player of the club. However, his opinions on Maurizio Sarri wasn’t as positive. “He’ll help Sarri no end – but will Sarri help himself? ‘Sarri-ball’? There’s no such thing. Here’s somebody else trying to reinvent the game,” said Keys.

“Sarri’s big challenge is to try and persuade the PL’s most difficult dressing room to go with him on this next adventure at The Bridge. He’s never worked with such big players before. Keeping Hazard would be a huge lift for everybody – but can he? Sarri has got to get the players on his side – and straight away.”

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