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Tim Sherwood believes Liverpool’s Joe Gomez isn’t great on the ball


Tim Sherwood criticizes Liverpool’s Joe Gomez for ball skills

Tim Sherwood has taken aim at Liverpool’s Joe Gomez, criticizing the defender’s ball skills following Liverpool’s recent victory over Nottingham Forest.

Despite Liverpool’s triumph, Sherwood didn’t hold back, stating that Gomez “isn’t great on the ball” during an interview with Premier League Productions.

Gomez, who played the full game against Forest, found himself under scrutiny despite Liverpool securing the win. Sherwood’s comments highlighted Gomez’s perceived weakness in possession, suggesting that it impacted Liverpool’s ability to create decisive moments throughout the match.

While Sherwood acknowledged Alexis Mac Allister for his assist in Darwin Nunes’s winning goal, he didn’t mince words about Gomez’s performance.

The former Tottenham and Aston Villa manager’s critique adds an interesting layer to Liverpool’s ongoing campaign, particularly as they vie for the Premier League title.

“That’s what champions do, scoring late goals, it looks like they are never going to concede with Van Dijk and Konate at the back there. Kelleher, he deserves a mention as well,” said Sherwood.

“I said in the first half, they lacked midfield players today, who can see a pass. There was only Mac Allister who was in there. Clark does the best he possibly can.

“Gomez isn’t great with the ball. The vision and the range of passing needs to be correct to feed your attacking players. Mac Allister got on the ball in the second half, he changed it up a little bit, getting deeper so he could tick it going forward.

“He found some passes, but none more than that one.”

As Liverpool prepares for a crucial showdown with Manchester City, Gomez’s role in the team and his ability to contribute effectively on the ball may come under further scrutiny.

With key players returning to fitness, including Nunes and Mohamed Salah, Liverpool faces heightened expectations as they aim to maintain their position at the top of the table.

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