Top 10 Ligue 1 Players in FIFA 16

6. Javier Pastore – Paris Saint Germain – 84

Javier Pastore is one of the Top 10 Ligue 1 Players in FIFA 16

In sixth place is Argentine player and central mid fielder Javier Pastore . The list has so far been dominated by Paris Saint Germain players and Pastore is no exception in this list of Top 10 Ligue 1 Players in FIFA 16. Pastore has been graced more with his dribbling ability maybe due to the performance he showed during his match against Chelsea. The Argentine still has come short in the field of physicality as he has only managed to score 68.

Many wonder as to why such a big player like him is not strong as he is ought to be. His overall of 84 makes him to be the Sixth best player in the French Ligue 1.

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