Top 10 Worst Footballers Ever

2. Massimo Taibi

Massimo Taibi is one of the Top 10 Worst Footballers Ever

The successor to Manchester United’s goal keeper Peter Schmeichel. Manchester United signed Massimo Taibi for £4.5 million. His first appearance at United sent a very clear signal of what kind of goal keeper the club had signed when he flapped at Sami Hyypiä’s free kick in the game against Liverpool. Massimo impressed Manchester when he made several serves in a game were the club won 3-2 and Taibi was warded the player of the match for saving a one-on-one ball against Vladimír Šmicer but still did not do much good performance for United and the club can surely add Massimo to the record of the worst goal keepers signed for he only made 4 appearances at the club.

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