Tuchel Says He Is In Constant Touch With Neymar

Thomas Tuchel has revealed that he is in constant touch with injured PSG star Neymar.

The player has endured a severe leg injury and is out of the side for at least 10 months.

Paris Saint Germain manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed that he is in constant touch with their star forward Neymar as he starts his rehabilitation to heal his right foot. The Brazilian superstar has been for at least 10 months due to an unfortunate injury on his right leg. The player missed the crucial clash against Lyon, which PSG lost by 2-1 and will also not be available for the crunch match against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League coming up later this month.

Speaking to the media, the German gaffer said, “When he is at Ooredoo [Training Centre] I hug him, when he is not at Ooredoo I write to him.”

He added, “So I keep in contact, I show him that I still believe, that I still wait, I show him that I am sad when he’s not in the dressing room. I write to him that it’s sad when we start to prepare a match without him. And we are joking and we are writing and we are keeping in touch. We want to keep in touch with everybody, but we cannot lose the connection to Ney and this is how we try. But right now the big focus is on his rehabilitation and the big focus is on every physio and every doctor who’s with him and they deserve now the biggest credit to bring him hopefully back on the pitch very soon.”

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